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Torque Wrench
Torque Wrench is built for applying torque to nuts and bolts for fastening applications. It is easy to use and provides comfortable gripping, high strength, maximum durability, accurate dimensions etc.
Power Flange Spreader
Power Flange Spreaders are extensively used in different industries such as oil, gas and plumbing for the mending of pipes. They expand the problem flanges for efficient and easy reparation.
Hydraulic Nut Splitters
Hydraulic Nut Splitters are utilized for destructively taking off an over tightened nut from a bolt. These are acknowledged for their sturdy structure, high tensile strength, longevity, easy usage, compactness.
Bolt Tensioner
Bolt Tensioner is fabricated for tightening of studs and bolts in critical applications. It has an ergonomic structure which makes it suitable for high pressure rating applications. This product is highly durable.
Torque Multiplier
Torque Multiplier is suitable for tightening purpose in various heavy duty vibration machinery. It offers easy manual functioning, compact design, light weight and accurate dimensions. This tool is known for its high torque output.
Hydraulic Vertical Lifting & Spreading Wrenches
Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Spreading Wrenches are ideal for tightening of nuts & bolts. These are acclaimed for their seamless finishing, easy utilization, smooth functioning, longer functional life and high strength.
Torque Wrench Pump
Torque Wrench Pumps are totally ideal for maintenance bolting applications. These allow for superior functionality on the sites which do not have access to power. The pumps can be used at the places where there is a chance of trip hazards.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench
Hydraulic Torque Wrench is an excellent power tool that is made to apply torque on the fastener. In this way, proper loosening and tightening of the connection can be attained. 

Bolt Tensioner Pump
Bolt Tensioner Pump are the power tools that gives hydraulic power to the wrench to rotate heavy bolts and nuts for their tightening and loosening. They are capable to hold high pressure without any energy consumption.